New arrivals CrossKites Quattro V2 Training Kite + Handles (four-line)

New arrivals CrossKites Quattro V2 Training Kite + Handles (four-line)
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Cross Kites Quattro V2


The Cross Kites Quattro V2 is a four-line, easy-to-control chamber kite, which in its smaller size fits perfectly into family holidays and weekend trips outside the city, while its larger size is a real challenge for powerkiting or landkiting enthusiasts, it will also cope well with a buggy.

It is easy to control, which makes it very predictable and extremely easy to use, even if you have it in your hand for the first time, after just a few minutes of playing in the air you will be able to control it, shooting perfect eights. It has a safety system thanks to which in an emergency it is enough to release the levers and the kite, losing all its power, will fall to the ground.

The Cross Kites Quattro V2 is ready to play as soon as you take it out of the bag, everything is ready so you can unwind the lines, take it into the air and enjoy the fun.

The fact that the kite is available in a wide range of sizes from 1.5m2 to 4.5m2 surface, everyone will find a size that meets their expectations, the smaller kite generates very little thrust, making it ideal for fun for the whole family, while larger sizes are for you if you've always dreamed of powerkiting or landkiting. The Quatrro V2 is a gateway to more advanced designs, due to its four-line nature, it is a smaller counterpart that will allow you to make quick progress.

The kite is made of a very strong polyester, double-stitched, which makes it more resistant to tearing and any hits with the ground, which may happen to you at the beginning of your Cross Kites adventure.

The kite will provide you and your family with an amazing experience for hours.


  • Fast start and expected action.
  • Carefully selected kite material, provides st and durability.
  • All lines and handles are connected, just take them out of the cover and take the kite into the air.
  • The cover is closed with Velcro, so the kite will not fall out during transport.
  • In the new V2 version, there are fewer lines next to the kite canopy, this prevents them from tangling.
  • Extended aspect ratio - making the kite very predictable.
  • Kitekiller wrist system, so that when you release the levers, the kite will safely fall to the ground
  • The four-line design ensures maximum control and the ability to land by yourself.
  • The handles are made of skin-friendly material, so nothing will chafe you.