New arrivals GA-SAILS Windsurf boom 100% Carbon RACE

New arrivals GA-SAILS Windsurf boom 100% Carbon RACE
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100% Carbon RACE

Being one of the most technologically advanced booms on the market, Gaastra Carbon Race is perfect for advanced riders looking to boost their performance. This model is made fully out of carbon fiber which greatly reduces the boom’s weight while also providing a more rigid construction. The use of high quality material ensures instant responsiveness of the rig and helps to maintain a better sail profile.. Thanks to its grip diameter of 32.2mm, the boom is stiffer and maintains its shape no matter the wind. Gaastra booms are made using a monocoque method which utilizes a bended one piece tube. The reduction of moving parts in the boom greatly increases the stiffness and prolongs the structure’s life span. By utilizing an R-Shape of the body combined with a wider tail, the boom works perfectly with bigger sails as it allows them to accommodate a deeper profile. Gaastra’s Carbon Race is available in 3 sizes, each of them is uniquely bent to guarantee maximum performance and fit the individual rider’s needs.


  • Carbon Construction – By utilizing carbon fiber in construction, the boom is much lighter than its aluminum equivalents while also maintaining an optimal level of stiffness that has a direct impact on the profile of the sail.
  • 32.2mm Grip Diameter – A bigger grip diameter ensures the boom’s stiffness and is perfect for riders with bigger hands as it allows them to maintain a firmer grip.
  • Pulley System – Made for bigger sails, the pulley system allows the user to fine tune the sail while riding to match the sails profile to the wind on the spot.
  • Monocoque Technology – Made from a one piece tube which has been bended to achieve the most efficient shape of the boom. By reducing the number of moving elements in construction, the boom is much stiffer and bents less when under pressure.
  • R-Shape – Created for bigger rigs, the R-shape can accommodate deeper sail profiles without restricting its shape
  • EVA foam – The antislip EVA foam allows the rider to hold the boom comfortably and ensures a solid grip even in the harshest conditions.
  • Optimized boom head – A high quality boom head featuring an inside rubber pad, which maximizes durability and absorbs vibrations in order to protect the mast.
  • Wide Tail – Ensures the sail profile will not be disturbed when sailing with low outhaul tension. Perfect for bigger sails and lighter conditions.
  • Harness Lines Indicators – Special indicators on the boom facilitate the harness lines setup, making it easy, fast and precise.