New arrivals PLKB Trainer kite Hype TR + bar

New arrivals PLKB Trainer kite Hype TR + bar
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PLKB Peter Lynn Kiteboarding trainer kite Hype tr with bar


1.3 | 1.6 | 1.9 | 2.3 | 2.6

The Hype kite is a two-strand kite with levers which makes it ideal for learning the basics of powerkiting. Control with the use of levers and the construction of the kite ensure precise handling, even in uneven wind, we always have full control over the kite, and thus, after a while, we can spin it in the sky with perfect eighths.

The Hype kite is ready to play immediately after taking it out of its cover, everything is ready for you to extend the lines, take it into the air and enjoy the fun.

Due to the fact that the kite generates very little thrust, both adults and children can enjoy the fun without worrying about their safety. It is available in sizes 1.3m21.6m21.9m22.3m22.6m2. Smaller kites are faster and move more dynamically in the sky, while the larger size will be a bit calmer, but you will feel the thrust of the kite and the force on the bar slightly more clearly, which will reflect the actual work of the putty. The kite is very stable and predictable, even when rapidly passing the kite through the zenith, it remains calm and provides further fun.

The kite is made of very strong polyester, double-stitched, which makes it more resistant to tearing and any impacts with the ground, which may happen to you at the beginning of your CrossKites adventure.

The kite will provide you and your family with an amazing experience for hours.


  • Fast take-off and predictability in flight.
  • Carefully selected kite materials to ensure strength and durability.
  • All lines and levers are connected, just take them out of the case and take the kite into the air.
  • The cover is closed with Velcro, so the kite will not fall out during transport.
  • In the new V2 version, there are fewer lines next to the kite canopy, this prevents them from tangling.
  • Extended aspect ratio - making the kite very predictable.
  • Comfortable bar covered with soft material.