New arrivals TRICKBOARD Balance Board PRO

New arrivals TRICKBOARD Balance Board PRO
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Balance board allows you to perform a prioperceptual training which improves motor coordination of the body. The trickboard is designed for people who want to combine good fun with comprehensive training. It provides increased of the strength and core muscles stability. Hence it supports your posture. It is the perfect completion to training for different sports The set consists of an anti-slip board, brakes, and a rubber roller, which doesn't leave marks on the floor thanks to the appropriate materials.

What is Trickboard?

Balancing board - Trickboard is the result of the work of experienced athletes and specialists with human nervous system specialists. As a result an ideal tool for working on neuromuscular coordination was created.

Trickboard is device for exercises and training, consist of a board and a roller. It enables the development of motor skills, increase of agility and balance. Anyone can use it, regardless of age or skill level. Trickboard exercises can be a perfect complement to the training of such disciplines as: windsurfing, kitesurfing, SUP, surfing, skimboard, wakeboard, snowboard, skiing, skateboard or any activities requiring physical fitness and good coordination.

Seven reasons to try a Trickboard

  • Exercise without leaving home
  • Performing an infinite number of varied exercises, limited only by your ingenuity
  • Extremely effective training useful in many sports
  • Effective proprioceptive exercises - functional training of motor skills
  • Increasing control over all parts of the body and the visuo-spatial coordination development
  • Improving the work of the left and right hemispheres of the brain
  • Lot of fun.