New arrivals UNIFIBER Foil wings and mast complete cover set

New arrivals UNIFIBER Foil wings and mast complete cover set
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UNIFIBER Foil wings and mast complete cover set

Complete set of covers for protecting all parts of your foil. We combined wing and mast covers to offer full protection in better price!

Choose the best size of Mastbag and Front wing covers and provide perfect fitted protection for vulnerable elements. The size of rear wings cover is fixed (40-60cm).

Covers are made from durable, waterproof materials - Tarpaulin and WRP (Water-Repellent Polyester) fabric.

You can use the covers for parts separately or with completely assembled foil.

Set includes

  • Mast cover (choose one of 3 lengths)
    The trailing edge of a foil mast is a well-known vulnerable part, and a damaged mast really impacts upon performance. This foil mast bag protects the whole mast during transport and storing thanks to thick padding and durable materials. Features zipper-closed pocket for screws and tools. 3 sizes to choose.
  • Front wing cover (choose one of 4 different lengths and shapes)
    The foil wings might be easily damaged. Since they generate the lift of the foil, they are probably the most important parts of the foil. Needless to say, you want to keep them in pristine shape. Unifiber wing covers, made with thick padding and a strong outer layer, give all the necessary protection.
  • Back wing cover
    Same covers as for the front wing in the smallest size 40 - 60 cm.